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In 1968, Ron Fraser, one of the greatest coaches in University of Miami Baseball history,
came up with the idea to sponsor the first-ever group of collegiate batgirls.
His idea sparked the Sugarcanes, a group of girls who love UM Baseball
and work hard to make it the best. The Sugarcanes are a group of students who
serve as ambassadors for Hurricane Baseball as well as for the entire University.
The organization has been going strong every baseball season since 1968. Although
the uniforms have changed over the years, the organization still does the same job.
We would like to note that we do not discriminate against boys trying out it has
just always been that only girls try out for the Sugarcanes.
We are still one of the few schools that have batgirls.

What are the duties of a Sugarcane?

The Sugarcanes first job and main job is to work each and every home
game as well as some away games. We get the baseball players’ bats
after each at-bat and that is just not for the Miami side, but for the
visiting teams as well. We retrieve foul balls that go onto the field.
We help out the umpires which includes getting them water, baseballs,
and whatever else they may need. We run the Lucky Numbers raffle
which is a raffle where fans buy raffle tickets for $1 and they have a
chance to win such prizes as autographed items from the team, gift
certificates, and other UM baseball memorabilia. We assist the
Maniac, the baseball mascot. We help out with promotions at the
stadium which include The Not So Newlywed Game and games that
can occur on the field. We not only work on the field, but we work
off the field as well. We have carwashes to help raise money for our
organization. This year we have started to work in the community
and build philanthropy. We are very excited about this!


This information was taken from the Sugarcanes' informational packet for new members.

This is a Fansite and has no official affiliation with the University of Miami or the University's Athletic Department.